Policy Dialogue and Dissemination April 26, 2018 - BRUSSELS

26 April 2018

The Jean Monnet Network on European Integration, Small States and Health would like to announce a policy dialogue on the challenges for health systems in small European states.

April 26, 2018 | 09.00-13.00 hrs
Health system challenges in small European states
What should the EU prioritize post 2020?

The opportunities and challenges of small states’ health systems in the context of European collaboration and integration have been addressed through comparative research across four health policy issues (cancer, health professionals’ mobility, access to medicines, rare diseases) in Estonia, Malta, Slovenia and Iceland through the SMSHealth.eu project (co-financed by the European Union).

A policy dialogue is being organized to highlight the specificities of small states health systems. The policy dialogue explores ways to address challenges linked to the small health systems capacities and markets whilst exploiting assets that small states can use to provide high quality, comprehensive and, at the same time, financially sustainable health services. 

The role of the EU in the coming years in supporting small states to overcome challenges associated with smallness to improve health and well-being for their citizens will also be discussed particularly with reference to the five scenarios for health in the Future of Europe White Paper.



Maastricht University Brussels Campus
Tervurenlaan 153,
1150 Sint-Pieters Woluwe,

Conference Language: English.
A detailed agenda and further information will be sent soon.
A network lunch is included.


Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat
Department of Health Services Management
University of Malta